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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Iranian irony

I find it a sad commentary that many Americans are watching the people of Iran rejecting the farce of that country's elections a few days ago...

...when we ourselves for the most part are all too accepting of how managed and controlled our own nation's elections are.

Could we ever take to the streets and demand real freedom to choose a destiny apart from that which the two-party kleptocracy and its willing associates have determined for us?

Few things would make me happier than to see the American people wake up and demand that.


Anonymous said...

If our government shut down the Internet, cell phones, and savagely beat people in the streets, we would be out there. Anyone is free to start as many political parties as they want. And we are equally free to not support them .... and you are free to complain about it. Big difference. If you don't see the contrast I suggest you talk to an Iranian immigrant.

Anonymous said...

Chris never said we don't have those freedoms. He does say that we should begin using them though.

Anonymous said...

Taking to the streets to oppose government denial of basic rights and taking to the streets to oppose the two party system is two different things. Especially when there are no laws against additional political parties. I'm pointing out that Chris, as usual, is being overly dramatic and his analogy is a poor one. Why should Americans "take to the streets" for something they are already free to do.

Solomon Grundy of the Great Dismal Swamp said...

Someone who says laws make equality of political parties, is not paying attention. Across America ballot access laws strongly favor the Democrats and Republicans and make it very hard for parties like Libertarian and Constitution to get on the ballot.

Chris said before that the difference between the United States today and the Soviet Union yesterday is because the Soviets were honest about being one party. It is very really one party running America, playing like there are two, and most refuse to believe it.

Anonymous said...

Solomon, I understand your point of view and am even sympathetic. The point I'm making is that if enough people hold your views, another party will emerge or you may even change the R's or D's to your view. Look at the R's over the last 20 years ... mostly taken over by social conservatives at the expense of fiscal conservatives. It's not necessary to "take it to the streets". You have to get enough people to agree with your philosophy. The Libertarian and Constitution parties just plain don't have much popular support. No amount of civil unrest can change that. Thanks for the civil and thoughtful discussion ... much better than the "dog people" elsewhere on this blog.