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Thursday, June 25, 2009

MTV's DJ & THE FRO ran my school board commercial tonight!

(I just wish that it didn't have to be followed up immediately by MTV running all of Michael Jackson's classic music videos...)

As several folks have written in about: Tonight's episode of MTV's new show DJ & The Fro, titled "Birds", featured a good-natured mocking of my "Star Wars"-inspired campaign commercial for Rockingham County Board of Education in 2006.

In the episode someone calling himself "Inbred Velcro Warrior" sends the Fro a link to the commercial. "In space, nobody can hear you scream" notes Fro as he and DJ cheer on the Death Star destroying the little red schoolhouse. Fro continues: "That's also true for his mother's basement, where this guy clearly lives!" DJ says "That's the biggest loser in the desert since Moses!" I had some friends over to watch this ('cuz the good folks at Titmouse Productions told me last week it would air this evening) and suffice it to say, everyone in the house thought it was hilarious! I got to show off my lightsaber and rotoscopin' skillz before a national audience, Rockingham County North Carolina got a shout-out, Melody Hallman Daniel's awesome vocal talents got a lot of airtime (well about as long as the commercial anyway)... and I might very well have become the first and last person to get the words "No Child Left Behind" and "unfunded mandates" spoken on MTV!!

The "Birds" episode is scheduled to air quite a few more times over the next several days and weeks. Check yer local listings if you wanna take a gander :-)