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Friday, July 31, 2009

7-year old boy doesn't want to go to church, heists car instead

A seven-year old lad in Plain City, Utah decided that it was too hot to go to church earlier this week.

So the kid sped off on a joyride in his dad's car.

911 calls soon flooded the Weber County Sheriff's Office about the pint-sized motorist. A dash-mounted video camera caught the following footage of the boy, who came to a stop and then dashed off (perhaps to find his mommy)...

Hey, that kid is driving better at 7 than I ever was at 16 :-P


AfterShock said...

It's because our video games weren't so realistic growing up... It's hard to believe you are driving a car when it is nothing more than a brightly-colored block on the screen...hehe :)

paden said...

chris where do you get your videos from