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Thursday, July 30, 2009

A "beer summit"?!

So in a little more than a hundred years we have gone from President Theodore Roosevelt negotiating peace between the Russians and the Japanese, to now President Barack Obama inviting Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Sgt. James Crowley to the White House to drink some beer.

(Read my original thoughts last week about this whole inane situation.)

If this is what it now means to be President of the United States, then perhaps Jimmy Carter didn't fully employ the assets available to him. He should have turned his brother Billy Carter loose onto the international stage... and we could have had world peace within a few short months!

Can anyone honestly imagine Ronald Reagan or Harry Truman doing something like this? Not as President, anyway. The office carries with it a kind of dignified weight that, unfortunately, I'm not seeing honored very much at all lately. Then again, this sort of thing has been building/devolving for years anyway, so I guess it's only a natural progression.


The Happy Catholic said...

I think the media is also at fault. Al I've heard for the past few days is commentary on Obama's statements. He gave his opinion, and that was it. The media needs to focus on economy, health care, and any other story that should be on the news.

Btw, Have you heard the 911 call? The phone operator actually asked the caller what the races of the people entering Gates' house

Unknown said...

This is what happens when people elect a thug from Chicago as President of the United States. His statements just revealed to everyone what I've known all along, he harbors latent racism.

His disrespect for the office doesn't shock me at all...he's low-class in every sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

I think its cool that the President offered to help out. Who says that President Obama has to run his office like Truman or Reagan? Who told Truman or Reagan they had to run their offices like some other President? Give the man some credit for doing what he thought was right. Better than war-monger Bush would have done. But of course, why should I expect any less on this blog from a bunch of pansies on the bitter Right whining about the new President who has been on duty for seven months. I'll pick up some Pablum for you babies next time I go to Food Lion!

Anonymous said...

It was a local town and police thing that Obama should have stayed out of.