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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bill Gates wants to control the weather

In his never-ending bid to become just like C. Montgomery Burns, Microsoft founder and world's richest geek Bill Gates has hatched a diabolical plot to destroy hurricanes.

Ummmmmm... Gates and his gang haven't exactly thought this out very well, have they?

For all the damage and death that hurricanes cause, they do accomplish some good. They are a mechanism that keep the oceans from over-heating. And isn't drastic climate change something that the allegedly "enlightened" among us are trying to prevent?

This (literally) crazy scheme, if it actually gets implemented, will no doubt do far more harm than good... and probably in the short term even before the long-range ramifications become apparent.

Hey Bill, I'm one of the few people out here who isn't complaining about Vista and I'm also a die-hard junkie of your Xbox 360. But this is one realm of things that you need to leave well enough alone.