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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

HyperMind's video for the Monsterpocalypse contest makes the Top Ten!

Two weeks ago I let y'all know about a promotional video that I worked on for HyperMind, that groovy game store in Burlington. The video was for HyperMind's big Monsterpocalypse day this coming Saturday, and was also an entry in that game's Monsterpocapalooza mega-event going on this summer.

Well, the votes have been tallied and our lil' video has made it into the Top Ten! There wound up being about 22 entries altogether. We are very thankful to be in one of the top spots, and we wish to thank everyone who voted for us!

Here it is again if you haven't seen it yet...

Again, thank you to all who watched and rated our video. The final winner will be announced on July 31st... and we'll be keeping our fingers crossed 'til then! :-)


Alex said...

I thought you're an Elon grad Chris. But you had Terra Khan stomping on your alma mater!

Matt said...

Oh come on Chris, you guys have got to win! I promised I'd drive all the way over there myself if you guys did!

Chris Knight said...

"I thought you're an Elon grad Chris. But you had Terra Khan stomping on your alma mater!"

Often, art does not come without sacrifice :-P

Besides, Elon's team name is the Phoenix. So this'll just be an opportunity to live up to it and rise from the ashes of Terra Khan's rampage! ;-)

(And incidentally, I knew nothing about Monsterpocalypse before I started work on this video. So as with everything else I studied it in-depth. And now I rarely go to sleep without dreaming of those giant varmints!)