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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Something I've long wondered about...

I just saw a TV commercial for Lysol. And like usual it was boasting about how Lysol "kills 99% of household germs".

Okay so if that's true, then logically if I spray a can of Lysol twice on my furniture or toilet or whatever, then that should kill the remaining 1% of germs that survived the initial onslaught.

Right? Right?!?


Anonymous said...

lol i have always thought about that too. You think it would right.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it would kill 99% of the germs left after you killed the germs on the un-Lysoled surface. The third would likely NOT kill 99% of the germs left, because and increasing population of Lysol-resistant germs would remain on the surface, dividing and multiplying until their species predominates.

At that point, any reduction of germ population would probably have to be accomplished by oxyacetylene torch...if the surface doesn't melt or burn.

Ol' You-Know-Who

Anonymous said...