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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bev Perdue giving lottery money back to North Carolina schools

Bev Perdue - who for as long as she is Governor of North Carolina will be referred to on this blog as "WORST GOVERNOR EVER!" - is returning $38 million to the school construction proceeds from the North Carolina Education Lottery, which she raided back in February

(However there's still $50 million from the lottery's reserve funds that Perdue isn't paying back yet).

Does Bev Perdue have any clue at all about the mess she has caused for this state's public schools? Probably not. Here in Rockingham County plans to build four much-needed new schools were thrown into turmoil because the construction funds earmarked from the lottery were swiped by Perdue so that she could play games with the state's budget problems. Many other school systems across North Carolina were also hit by Perdue's monetary mayhem.

I would imagine that in the greater scheme of things, Perdue's unwise fiscal planning has cost the state more than whatever financial pain North Carolina may have eluded in the short term. And it will likely as not fall to the local governments and school systems to deal with the ramifications of the fault of state officials in Raleigh.


Anonymous said...

You only saying that because she's a Democrat.

Solomon Grundy of the Great Dismal Swamp said...

I doubt it. Chris is hard on everyone who deserves it without regard to party. It's partly why I like reading this blog so.

Chris Knight said...

As long as I have been running this blog... heck, for as long as I have been writing for publication (over half of my life)... I have never, to the very best of my recollection, ever brought up someone's political party affiliation whenever I've criticized them.

Because I don't believe in it. It's petty and low. In my opinion it's the very bottom of intellectual laziness to condemn someone else on the basis of what party they choose to belong to.

And I like to think that my published record will bear that out. I've blasted Democrats and Republicans equally, as well as everyone else... but only because they as individuals did something that merited it. Just so, I have also praised members of all parties when the occasion calls for it.

The only time you'll ever see "Democrats" or "Republicans" discussed here is when the matter pertains to what they do as organized political parties. Hence, I'll criticize Barack Obama for what he does as President (just as I did George W. Bush) but not on grounds that he is a Democrat. On the flip side of the coin, I'll condemn the Republican party when its leadership conspires to keep people with fresh ideas (like Ron Paul and now his son Rand Paul) from having a fair shot at running for something.

"Democrat", "Republican", "Conservative" and "Liberal", as a general rule, do not exist in this dojo.