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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Building does somersault during demolition attempt

From Turkey comes this awesome footage of a flour factory, built in 1928, being imploded. Or it was supposed to implode anyway. Instead the support on one side of the base was destroyed, causing the entire building to tumble over "like a toy house".

Watch it below folks. This simply must be seen to be believed...

Look on the bright side: those wacky Turks have brought a whole new unprecedented scale to the old game of dominoes! :-P


kamen-rider said...

Wow...that's so freaking funny!

-Drew M.

Anonymous said...

This looks like some wierd hatchet job. Any fool knows that if you "notch" a tree on one side it tends to fall that way. Look at the first two stories of that building. Are we sure that it wasn't notched that way so that it would roll over to the adjacent lot?

Only in a country that would dare to be called "Turkey".

Ol' You-Know-Who

Chris Knight said...

Either the demolition company got WAY cheap on the explosives... or else it had NO clue about what it was doing. To implode a building takes carefully timed detonations throughout the structure, starting with the center and going off outward from there. That way you're creating a lot of empty space for the building to collapse into.

Looks like these guys had the explosions go off solely at the base with NO thought as to part of the base being gone already. It was going to tip over but... dang! What happened instead, I don't know if they could have PLANNED for that to happen on purpose! :-P

paden said...

that was cool