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Thursday, August 20, 2009

First trailer for James Cameron's AVATAR

Haven't been able to find it on YouTube yet, so for the time being you'll have to watch it in Quicktime format. Which may be for the best anyway, since Quicktime is much more high-res.

Avatar certainly looks good. So far as what the story is supposed to be about, I'm not quite jazzed about it. Yet, anyway. But hey, I've been pleasantly surprised about a movie before, maybe this one will too.

Avatar opens this coming December 18th.


Anonymous said...

I watched it and i found it was not THAT good. But i wanted to be sure what Cameron wanted to show us. So yesterday i went to see the 15 minutes preview in a 3d cinema in Paris. It was 6 scenes and believe me it's really amazing. A bit weird at the beginning but it justifies all the buzz around the movie. The action sequences were absolutly amazing. And the rendering of the Na'vi is great. I say this because i found they were too CG when i first watched the trailer. Another good point is that in 15 minutes, we get attached to the characters of the movie and you really see all the work of Cameron to create a whole new alien world. At the end of the preview I almost felt I was back from Pandora. So now i can't wait for december 16th. (french release date).