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Saturday, August 08, 2009

I'm having a damned hard time harboring any sympathy for people being abused by Obama's goons

And lemme tell you why.

Because as much as it does bother me to see those who have expressed outrage at President Obama's health care plans being labeled as an "angry mob" by officials and now being officially targeted by what can only be called Obama's own army of brownshirts...

...I have to remember that much the same thing was happening during the previous eight years during George W. Bush's tenure, what with "free speech zones" and loyalty oaths and people getting arrested for showing dissent... and sometimes arrested for no clear reason at all.

Hell, I was threatened with physical violence by one of Bush's thugs before he was President, just because I was a reporter with an independent newspaper (i.e. outside the grasp of Bush's control-freak nature).

I remember all too well telling Bush supporters what kind of a man he really was, and how the way he was treating American citizens wasn't the way that an elected official beholden to the people is supposed to be. Almost invariably I got that "empty glazed look" back in return. Like they didn't want to hear about it.

And now many of these very folks are getting much the same treatment from Barack Obama... and have no problem showing anger and indignation about it.

The only reaction I can muster is "Cry me a river."


Anonymous said...

I can't disagree. It's the same thing happening all over again, just not "their man" doing it.

Anonymous said...

Chris, sometimes I think you are really nuts.

Chris Knight said...

I'm not nuts. I'm just off-kilter, eccentric, eclectic, and a little bit mad with a healthy dose of uncommon sense for good measure :-P

And, I don't subscribe to conventional wisdom (which in my experience has been anything BUT wisdom).

I also don't believe in hypocrisy.

This state's motto is Latin for "To be rather than to seem". Those are good words. I only wish more people would try to live up to them.