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Monday, August 03, 2009

Ohio town's traffic cameras send out 10,000 tickets in 1 month

If you can help it, I'd consider the town of Heath, Ohio to be a place to steer well clear of. That personal assessment comes after word that it's newly-installed traffic-enforcement cameras have sent out more than 10,000 tickets after just four weeks of operation. With the tickets being $100, after camera provider Redflex gets its cut that's $83,000 that the city government would put into its coffers.

As you can imagine (and you can see it in the comments of the above-linked article) quite a number of folks are honked-off about this. I would be too. Traffic cameras, be they for speed or at stop-light intersections, are not about enforcing laws for sake of safety. They are, first and foremost, a "revenue enhancing" scheme.

And these cameras are inherently not constitutional. We are supposed to have the right to face our accuser in a court of law, regardless of how small the offense.

How does one do that when the accuser is a robot?


Tony said...

Hey Chris- This is the town that my parents just moved to and I was in at the end of June. I am from Newark, Ohio originally, but Newark and Heath are interweaved with each other. What none of the articles tell you, is that this is a 5 lane state highway- route 79. There is no bypass to avoid it, unless you want to go through neighborhoods. It is next to impossible to go 35 (the marked speed in this area). Did I mention this is a 5 lane state highway????? You can challenge the tickets- but you have to pay the $100 bond up front for the permission to challenge. Yep- - -real fair! LOL My poor dad is sure he is going to get a ticket!

Tony said...

There's an article in the Newark Advocate about the cameras today. www.newarkadvocate.com