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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Rupert Murdoch to demand pay for ALL News Corp online content

Rupert Murdoch - who I will always think of as "the billionaire tyrant" from that episode of The Simpsons he did a cameo on - has pledged to begin charging for access to ALL of the content on websites run by his News Corp. That includes the websites for the Fox Network, FoxNews.com and others (perhaps even MySpace?).

Apparently the move is to recoup from more than $200 million in lost revenue for News Corp during the previous quarter, including significantly less profit from The Wall Street Journal, which Murdoch now owns.

This might become the biggest blunder yet in the newspaper industry's series of attempts to regain the ground it's lost to online media. That horse departed the barn about fifteen years ago, and it ain't coming back. The New York Times has already tried charging for access to its site: a plan that promptly went down in flames. Murdoch's scheme will likely meet a similar fate.


The Navy Christian said...

So the question is how long he will actually try it before he realizes it won't work. Maybe he should bring in some really young talent and see what they can do with ad sales, etc. There has to be a way to make money at this new business.

Anonymous said...