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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Startup sets sight on piston-powered nuclear fusion

General Fusion, a new company based out of Burnaby, British Columbia in Canada, has raised almost $14 million in funding to research what is being called an ambitious effort to create viable nuclear fusion. General Fusion believes it can engineer a reactor that uses 220 pneumatic pistons to generate acoustical waves that will be aimed at a plasma target, which will theoretically create a burst of fusion energy. Experts in the field believe that General Fusion might stand a chance of succeeding with their wild design, where countless others over the decades have failed.

Looks interesting. It also looks like the "Fat Man" nuclear bomb had Henry Ford engineered it :-P


Lee Shelton said...

Soon, every flying time machine will have a Mr. Fusion installed, eliminating the need to steal plutonium from Libyan terrorists.