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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yes Johnny Robertson, by all means let's talk about "honesty"

Say what one might about Bob Lawson, to the very best of my knowledge there was only one person in that "debate" on WGSR this past Tuesday night who has lied boldly and publicly when he accused not one but two churches, with no evidence whatsoever, of what can only be called child pornography.

And Bob Lawson wasn't that person.

More than a few people have told me that Johnny Robertson is "scum", "a dirty-minded individual", "a sick man", "a complete bastard", and numerous other epithets that I won't share here for sake of polity, for making those unfounded accusations against First Christian Church in Kernersville and Osborne Baptist Church in Danville. Interestingly, Robertson hasn't dared bring those accusations up any more since they have been chronicled by this and other bloggers in the area.

Based on the footage I have seen from Tuesday night's "debate" and now tonight, Robertson is certainly becoming increasingly unhinged from reality. Already tonight he has said that he has "loathing" for Baptists, that a full-blown war is going to be needed to get rid of "denominationalism", has called Bob Lawson a "whoremonger" because Lawson is divorced, has claimed that he is the only defender and upholder of "the truth in this area", has declared himself superior to everyone else in this area, and that the First Amendment somehow gives him the right to harass whoever he wants to.

(Robertson must have missed civics during what was likely his two or three trips through ninth grade: the First Amendment of the Constitution only guarantees that the government cannot stifle free speech. It says nothing about churches exercising their right to protect themselves against disrupters like Johnny Robertson and his cult.)

There's way more that I could comment about the extraordinary nuttiness that Robertson is descending into, but for now I'll just note that tonight I took a look for the first time at WGSR's streaming video feed. There's been one for the Reidsville station and from what I understand the one for the Martinsville station went live Tuesday night (just for the "debate" apparently). Bear in mind then that the Reidsville one has been established the longer of the two.

So how big an Internet audience does Johnny Robertson and his so-called "Church of Christ" cult have?

Eleven viewers. Only ELEVEN! So that's me, and at least three other friends of mine who are watching Robertson and his cult from across the country just to laugh at him.

How many "serious" viewers does Robertson have then?

I'll wager an RC Cola and a Moon Pie that this blog gets many more regular readers than Robertson does.

And I don't think any less of you, Dear Readers, either. Hell, I know that y'all - well most of you anyway - are smart enough to think for yourselves. And I will be the first to admit that I don't understand enough about God than to harass people with it.

I sure as frak won't ever accuse a church of pornography like Johnny Robertson has done.

(And Charles Roark raised eyebrows in some places with his comment that said church is filled with "perverts", but that's all I'll say about that.)


Anonymous said...

Johnny just said that the teen who died in the crash went to Hell because he didn't have time to be baptized. Bob Lawson is right when he said Johnny's fanatical ways are going to bring him to ruin.

Chris Knight said...

Not long after I became a Christian over ten years ago, I took a class in college on modern Christian theology.

Hearing what Robertson is saying tonight, I cannot help but think back to what our instructor in that class told us one day: that there seems to be some "Christians" who won't be happy at all in Heaven unless they know with absolute certainty that there is at least one poor miserable sinner roasting in Hell for eternity.

Johnny Robertson is the first self-professed "Christian" I have ever seen in my entire life who is ecstatic with joy about other people going to Hell.

That seems to be a thing that "turns him on". Robertson has no happiness in his own life unless he's seeking out new ways to try to damn others forever. And he seems all too eager to do that.

Johnny Robertson doesn't preach Christ. He's only capable of preaching the absence of Christ. That's not going to draw anybody sincerely to God.

And to be honest, it saddens and sickens me that he gets his jollies so richly from trying so hard to bring misery to others. I have to applaud Bob Lawson for bringing that up: Robertson was a completely heartless bastitch for doing that to those poor families.

Anonymous said...

Charles Roark is destroying the community by projecting Johnny Robertson as a religious leader.

Anonymous said...

Before he can "destroy the community" it will be necessary for him to acquire some viewers.

Former COC er said...

More people read this blog than watch Johnny Robertson. More people take Chris Knight seriously than take Johnny Robertson seriously. More people respect Chris Knight than respect Johnny Robertson. Didn't Chris get about 5000 votes during his election? How many would vote for Johnny Robertson? Probably not even 20 and most of those would be from Johnny's family including his COUSIN James Oldfield. Most people think of Chris Knight as a real Christian. They do not believe Johnny Robertson is anything except a liar a slanderer a psychotic cult leader a hate filled bigot and a murderer waiting to kill someone or have someone killed on his sayso.

Anonymous said...

Bob Lawson said he's agnostic. And that he was searching for God.

Johnny Robertson wants us to believe that he's found God already.

I respect Bob's honesty more than I respect Johnny's insanity.

Anonymous said...

Mark was talking about it on his show yesterday and even mentioned you Chris. He said there were only two people that took JR to task that he knew of and that was Bob and you. It was almost like he was proud of you. He even admitted that watching that "debate" of JR and Bob gave him a headache.

Anonymous said...

As for Johnny making those accusations against First Christian Church in Kernersville and Osborne Baptist Church in Danville. He has seemed to remail silent about these accusations. Did he ever say what he saw at the swimming pool in Eden and the Osborne Church?

One would think that if Johnny was so convinced he was right he would put those videos on You Tube for the world to see.

Bob Lawson's offer for Johnny to take a psychological test to see if he would pass is a good idea. Who ever would do the exam should inquire why Johnny sees girls in ballerina outfit and he is seeing panties and thinks the girls are promoting sex. I think the community should be concerned about this especially since others viewed that event and did not see what Johnny was seeing. Yet Johnny puts big blue circles on their private areas as if they are showing something. Very deceptive indeed.

I do not understand why the Kernersville Church let him get away with saying that about their young girls. The churches and the communities should protect our young people better than this.

Chris Knight said...

Whatever issues I have with WGSR's management, there *are* some good people working there (speaking of the Reidsville station) and regarding Mark Childrey...

He is one of the finest individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing throughout my life and I will always be glad to consider him a friend.

And so far as First Christian in Kernersville goes: I saw the original, full-resolution footage. There was nothing in it that any sane human being would have a problem with. It was completely within the bounds of decency and good taste, and if Johnny Robertson is seeing "panties" there then I honestly don't know what to say other than he is a very sick-minded person.

Anonymous said...

What about when Johnny last night accused a caller he didn't like of being a wife beater.

That's only Johnny's word. We don't know if he was telling the truth or lying. He was lying I think. But I have never heard of a preacher saying in church or television or anywhere that someone else was a wife beater until last night.

Johnny is not a decent human being, a real preacher or a real Christian. He is an out of control wildman.

Anonymous said...

Chunks Roark licking Johnny's ass on the Buzz today.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to what all of you would do with the overflowing amount of free time you would have if Johnny Robertson were not around...

Chris Knight said...

"I'm curious as to what all of you would do with the overflowing amount of free time you would have if Johnny Robertson were not around..."

It would be time devoted to the things in life that we would much rather be doing if we didn't have to deal with Johnny Robertson.

Does anybody honestly think that those of us who are doing this are enjoying it? Because let me tell you something: there is no fun or joy at all to be had in countering Johnny Robertson and his cult. Believe you me: I wish that I weren't engaged in this mess!

So why are we doing it?

Because what Robertson and his cult are doing is WRONG. It doesn't matter to us what Robertson and his followers choose to believe. But when they begin harassing innocent people, slandering people, stalking people, accusing people and entire churches of illegal activities without any evidence but what exists within their own diseased minds, threatening violence, and everything else that the local "Church of Christ" cult is doing...

...then somebody has to take a stand against that.

We aren't doing this for the fame or the glory.

All I can really know to say is that we regret that we have to do what is right so that others don't have to do this. And we regret that there are evil people like Johnny Robertson in this world... but that's the way it's been since the fall of Adam. We know there's nothing we can do to change that.

But we can do something with the time given us, to strive against evil in our own midst.

Anonymous said...

I read Chris' comment which said if Johnny Robertson is seeing panties------

When Johnny broadcast his show that involved the Kernersville churh girls he used the words undergarments.

Earlier that day Johnny was on the phone with Charles Roark advertising the show for that night. He said he was going to have pictures from the video and would have a blank out so that you can’t actually see what they saw but it would indicate what was able to be viewed. He said his question was would this fall in the category or exploiting children when you’re showing an audience below and them dancing above them and these children exposing their undergarments one of them 11 times in a one-minute segment.

Johnny continued to sayd you don’t have to be involved on Internet porn these days you can actually got to the church building sit on the front row and you get to see children. He said that one girl you get to see everything you see in some of these kiddy porn shops.

When Charles asked did he say the girls were showing leg Johnny said, “I’m saying panties”. Charles said panties and Johnny said panties, yes. He said now should we be showing our panties. He said that if a person heard that the little boys were going into girls’ bathrooms peeking through and they were seeing them in their panties they would have a fit. He said you don’t have to go in the girls’ bathroom anymore not in a Christian church around here.

Johnny said he thought some of the perverts who were going to church were going for this reason.

During this time he showed clips of the girl's dancing with the blue circles he has pasted on them.

Anonymous said...


I am not a member of a "cult" as you like to put it but I am a member of the church of Christ. If you want to talk about Bible doctrine sometime, I'd be happy to oblige.

I've noticed in particular that you have a problem with the fact that baptism is a part of God's plan for our salvation. Is that an accurate assessment of your position?

Anyway, if you're interested in participating in an honest and open examination of the scriptures, let me know.

Chris Knight said...

"I've noticed in particular that you have a problem with the fact that baptism is a part of God's plan for our salvation. Is that an accurate assessment of your position?"

I don't have a problem with baptism being part of God's plan for salvation... because I already know that it's not part of God's plan for salvation.

The notion that baptism is required for salvation is simply more of that tired old thing called legalism. The idea that somehow we have to merit God's grace with works of our own... which inevitably leads to one being compelled - either by one's own mind or else by a cultist like Johnny Robertson - that one must accumulate more works in order to maintain salvation and not lose it.

I posed this question last year openly to Robertson and his cult: what about the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste? Did Sempronius go to Hell even after he declared his faith in Christ and joined the other soldiers of the Thundering Legion who believed in Christ... all because he could not be baptized? Did Sempronius die for nothing?

Do you or anyone else seriously believe that God would damn Sempronius or anyone else all because they weren't baptized?

It was a little over two years after I became a Christian before I was baptized. And I have no doubt that I had salvation before my baptism. Why did I get baptized then? Because I wanted to identify with my Lord and Savior. It meant more to me to do that than I can possibly share. And I would definitely encourage any brother or sister in Christ to be baptized if they have not done so...

...but I will never believe that their eternal salvation hinges on it. That is theological silliness to the utmost.

Anonymous said...

Tell him Chris. CoC is dishonest about wanting to discuss and debate. CoC doesn't want to hear what anyone else believes. They only want to beat you over the head with their fruity doctrine.

Anonymous said...

The comment made
"Chunks Roark licking Johnny's ass on the Buzz today".

I think Charles Roark has been doing this at this part of Johnny's anatomy since the first time Johnny opened his pocket book.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I sent you an e-mail.

"Tell him Chris. CoC is dishonest about wanting to discuss and debate. CoC doesn't want to hear what anyone else believes. They only want to beat you over the head with their fruity doctrine."

How can you judge what my intentions are? Can you read minds? If I have done something to substantiate your claim, bear witness of it.

Anonymous said...

Doctrine aside . . . .

I'm going to use a 70-year-old line written by Bob Kane to illuminate what is happening here:

Joker: Don't kill me! You made me! You NEED me! You can't exist without me!

Batman: YOU made ME what I am! All these years I have lived with what you did, and I am what I am because of YOU!

(the words may not be exactly accurate, because I don't have the source material here, but the spirit applies)

Who is The Joker, and who is Batman? Who thrives? Who survives? Who doesn't?

Pensez à cela !
Ol' You-Know-Who

Anonymous said...

Henry County Sheriff personally stopped Johnny from disrupting a Baptist church meeting on Thursday night. Johnny is now crowing about how the evil Baptists including the sheriff are against him. Johnny is like the little brat poking the tiger at the zoo and then running away crying when the tiger growls at him.

Anonymous said...

This is kind of like clowns arguing.

Anonymous said...

I saw the debate of Bob Lawson and Johnny Robertson as two thieves attacking a law abiding, military man that has fought for our country.

Johnny worked so hard and so long which seemed like an eternity on his computer to show the double-breasted suit and the flag Johnny once wore to show Bob was not truthful.

When Bob confronted Johnny about he never was seen praying, Johnny told Bob he did not pray in public. Johnny spoke as if he never would, it was wrong. Johnny prayed twice on his shows recently. It happened after comments were made about him not praying. He has a few phone calls on this and I think maybe some of the comments about him not praying may be on this website? After these comments is when Johnny prayed. Would Johnny consider this a lie. Bob Lawson probably did not know this but Johnny knows he prayed.

Johnny kept whining he was not getting his time. I think he told Bob Lawson to shut up. If someone added up the time each guy spent talking I think Johnny would win for the most time taken. May have to subtract the time Charles Roark spend defending Johnny.

Johnny didn’t seem to honest about the question how many churches had he been thrown out of. He only mentioned one making it sound as if that ended in his favor. He seemed to be a little confused about the question. I remember a couple of preachers that told him to get out but I guess they didn’t really throw him out so maybe that don't count in Johnny's mind. Didn't he also get no-trespassing papers from some of these churches?

Johnny continues to bring up the church in Danville. He moans and groans they stole his son’s video tape they attacked his son. On his show he also said the land he was on at that church on that one particular night did not belong to the man that told him he owned that land and to get off. Roy Younger I believe is his name. Johnny was all big-talking saying the man did not own the land, this was not true and said he was going to the records office to prove this was a lie. I have never seen him come back with an answer as to who really owns that land.

Bob Lawson suggested a baby rattler for Johnny. He should include a jump rope to go with the rattler. I think Johnny would be good at skipping rope. Bob Lawson also mentioned the “Little Johnny” jokes. I think he is on to something there. I found a bunch of these jokes on the Internet and I think many of them are the very image of Johnny Robertson.