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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Crooks clean out Apple Store... in 31 seconds!

Last Wednesday the Apple Store in Marlton, New Jersey was heisted by five men who shattered the plate glass windows at 2:05 in the morning and proceeded to rob the place. The truly astonishing thing is how fast they did it: they ran off with all the iPods, iPhones and MacBooks in 31 seconds.

Here's the surveillance footage. It's like Ocean's 11 with a NASCAR pit crew...

Read more about the caper here.


Anonymous said...

That darn magnetic power cord comes back to bite the Apple people. Just slips right out with no problem. Who'd a thought someone would do this with it?

Lee Shelton said...

The display computers weren't bolted down? Wal-Mart does that with their $20 clock radios.