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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Johnny Robertson channels Oral Roberts! Cult leader exclaims "This may be our last night!"

This has to be one of the most ridiculous broadcasts I've ever seen coming out of Johnny Robertson and the "Church of Christ in Name Only". And that's sayin' something...

He started at 10 p.m. tonight on the program out of WGSR's Martinsville studio, ranting about Bob Lawson (several e-mails came in today saying that Lawson pitched my blog during Charles Roark's The Local Buzz earlier this afternoon and that neither Roark or Robertson like that at all).

After that, Robertson commenced to launching an on-air crusade against, for some reason or another, a steakhouse.

And now several times in the past few minutes Robertson has insinuated that this might be the end of him on WGSR. It was like watching Oral Roberts back in 1987, when Roberts told his viewers to send him millions of dollars or else "the Lord will call me home". Tonight Robertson announced several times that "This might be our last night!" It sounded as if he were begging the WGSR viewing area to keep him on the air, in spite of how he was denouncing WGSR general manager Charles Roark and staff member Debra Buchanan for doing business with said steakhouse.

(Does this mean that Hollywood Mountain is Martinsville, Virginia's very own "City of Faith"? :-P)

Hey Johnny Robertson, quit being a drama queen! EVERYONE knows that Charles Roark will never kick you off of his station. Roark has sold too much of his principles (some even are saying his soul) to you. The entire area knows that you, Johnny Robertson, are the biggest-paying client of WGSR and that without all that money coming to you from the cult in Texas that WGSR would take a crippling hit.

It's like watching the proverbial battered wife: Robertson can trash-talk Charles Roark and the entire staff of WGSR as much as he wants, and Roark will let him get away with it. Because Robertson will just tell Roark "Where else you gonna go bay-bee?"

(And in response to the reader of this blog hailing from Alaska: I am not making this stuff up about what goes on around here. It's really happening. The nonsense coming out of Robertson's cult is so bizarre that I wouldn't know how to begin to conjure it up out of my imagination.)

And for a broadcast called What Does the Bible Say?, Robertson spent approximately two minutes out of two hours' broadcast time covering any scripture at all. Parse that as you may...


Anonymous said...

Chris and Bob Lawson: watch your backs. JR tonight was desperate or dying or some thing. He didn't sound long for the world, how he was carrying on. God only knows what a crazy like JR would do.

Yes I'm A Psychiatrist said...

Johnny Robertson exhibits Malignant Narcissism. That is all of the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder plus pathological lying, manipulative nature and impulsive out of control behavior. Look it up in the DSM-IV.

Walkinginlove said...

I perceive you to be a prophet LOL! Yeah cutting of Johnny would be like trading Babe Ruth, not going to happen but it makes for good television for sure!

Anonymous said...

It's hilarious to listen to some of the callers of Johnny Robertson’s shows in support of him. It is also somewhat confusing especially when you think of all the things Johnny says he is against.

Eugene Grant calls himself a brother of Johnny's yet he commented Charles Roark drinking beer on the air OK. He said Charles was real. Eugene is referred to as Brother by one TV host who is a woman preacher. In the past Charles Roark has made the statement when he and Johnny go out to eat Johnny will not go into certain restaurants with him because they sell beer.

And the lady that calls herself Robin is the best. She calls in and defends everything that Johnny does. One comment during a show Johnny was discussing music in the church she said the music they are playing like that just shows you and said that was all she had to say about that. She added they have to have something to hide. They should not have ran them out. She calls into Micah Robertson and Mark McMinnis shows with the same defense. Johnny sends her Bible CD's and she claims to have met him (I took this as going to the church). Johnny and the others seem to proudly listen to every word she says as she defends them and gives her version of Biblical things?

Robin also calls every other host at WGSR telling the men how good looking they are. She told Charles Roark she can get a little crazy she will tell him that. She said she likes to cut up and laugh. She told one host she was a psychic and wants them to bring on horoscopes. She asked one host if she could come up there in her bathing suit and let Foxy Moxy paint her body and then show her on TV.

Anonymous said...

Butt Buddy Chunky Roark really tweaked Johnny's knob when Chunky was seen drinking beer on TV.

I expect Johnny will drop WGSR like a hot potato!

Anonymous said...

I don't really think Johnny will drop WGSR.

And I'm confident Johnny wants that station every bit as much as Charles Roark wants the money that Johnny is giving him.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in Henry County and Martinsville knows that Charles Roark is a bi-sexual. Everyone but Johnny Robertson. Maybe Johnny does know that about Charles if you know what I mean. But it is very strange that a self righteous preacher like Johnny Robertson wants all that business with Charles Roark and that they are seen eating together in restaurants. I guess (jail)birds of a feather flock together.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Robertson is now reporting that Jeffery Dalmar obeyed the gospel while in prison.

How amazing that according to Robertson Jeffery Dalmar is going to Heaven. Yet all of us others out here not in the Church of Christ are going to hell.

I didn't hear Johnny Robertson name any of the victims of Jeffery Dalmar from the long list he read of Church of Christ members. So I guess according to the Robertson theory they must have gone to hell after they were slaughtered by Dalmar.

What is that man going to say next.