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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Johnny Robertson just hit a new low

As if he couldn't get any lower (this being the man who has already accused two churches, with no evidence whatsoever, of child pornography).

Tonight on his What Does the Bible Say? show on WGSR, Johnny Robertson - the demented cult leader of the Martinsville Church of Christ - has thus far during the broadcast done nothing to discuss and expound upon his own beliefs.

Instead Robertson has chosen to... attack an eight year old little girl.

What the hell is wrong with this man?


Anonymous said...

Johnny's not changed. 30 years ago he bullied people with his gun. Now he bullies people 40 years younger than he is. He's a coward.

Matt said...

Why do we even pay attention to him? He'll probably just die of quicker if we just ignore him at this stage.

Of course, the humiliation will be lessened. :)

Walkinginlove said...

Because he is making it harder to get others into the Kingdom, that's why!

Anonymous said...

Johnny attacks 8 year old girls because he knows they don't have money to buy airtime to rebut him.

Anonymous said...

"What the hell is wrong with this man" you ask.

What the hell is wrong with the churches letting Johnny Robertson continue to get by with accusing their children in such a way.

Walkinginlove said...

It is interesting that he complains about those kids while at the same time he purposefully used his own at the time 14 year old in a camera situation in the hopes that people would take the kids camera.

Thus he places his own kid in harms way while complaining about these kids, come on!

Anonymous said...

Chris! Bob Lawson shouted out about your blog on Buzz just now while JR was in the studio!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Lawson is tearing JR and Charles apart singlehanded today.