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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Of one accord no longer? Dissent amock in Robertson cult

Odd things are afoot regarding local cult leader Johnny Robertson and the "Church of Christ in Name Only".

Numerous e-mails came in Tuesday evening about that day's edition of The Local Buzz on WGSR. The entire last half-hour of the show consisted of honked-off viewers calling out general manager Charles Roark on his blatant pro-Robertson bias. And one Internet forum devoted to Henry County, Virginia issues - which Johnny Robertson had publicly boasted of being "the number one topic of discussion" - has in recent days become loaded with anti-Robertson animosity. Some of which is coming from people claiming to be former members of the cult.

Without knowing anything else about what's going down across the state line, it certainly does seem as though the people of Martinsville and Henry County, for whatever reason, are on the warpath like never before against the "Church of Christ" cult.

But here's the real meat and gravy, friends and neighbors...

As most people around here know, Robertson and his followers have established themselves a very sick reputation for their "hidden camera" ambush interviews with anyone and everyone who isn't aligned with their twisted mentality. In the past year alone Robertson has accused - with no evidence whatsoever - two churches of child pornography. Robertson has harassed and confronted private individuals at their own homes, at their places of worship, and anywhere else that he has found opportunity to be a nuisance. And more often than not Robertson has jubilantly posted footage of these confrontations on YouTube. Most of these have been published on the "wherethebiblespeaks" YouTube channel.

Since this week began, all of the confrontational clips on that channel have disappeared. Along with every video of the recent Johnny Robertson/Bob Lawson "debate". Gone down the memory hole. Become unvideos. Vanished into the ether.

(But in case anyone needs them, I have saved all of them to my own computers here. They still exist and I've got 'em.)

This hasn't been the first time lately that the cult has had issues on YouTube. Over the summer Robertson and his followers lost their "studyjesus" channel (the one that among other things had the video from last summer where Robertson claimed that the Danville Church of Christ has been painted with a bomb threat by local Muslims... but strangely didn't see fit to report that to the Danville Police Department). Reports that came here suggest that Robertson and his followers violated YouTube terms of service and had it yanked.

However, in regard to the "wherethebiblespeaks" channel, something much more intriguing is now transpiring.

A few days ago "Paul", who had been the person in charge of the channel (and one of Robertson's most active supporters) posted this on the channel about his "retirement"...

I'd like to personally thank all of the people that have either subscribed to or become friends with Where the Bible Speaks. I have enjoyed moderating this channel very much but it is time that I pass the torch on. Where the Bible Speaks will now be moderated by my good friend, Andrew. I'm sure those of you who are regular visitors of the channel are familiar with him as he has done several videos. I am confident that he will do a great job with the channel and I hope you all embrace him and continue to support Where the Bible Speaks. Again, I'd like to thank all of the supporters! Take care! - Paul 9-14-09
And then this "Andrew" wrote the following e-mail to someone about comments being removed, but also made several startling statements...
Re: Johnny Robertson Videos

Paul was doing quite a bit of work with the page and all and has decided to sit back and breath and leave me (Andrew) in control of the content. I hate that you have been troubled by your comments being removed and do apologize. I assure you, nothing has been, or will be deleted for unfair reasons. Although I found the lawson debate entertaining, I didn't see it of much spiritual profit. It was less of a religious nature, and more of a debate of personal matters between Johnny and Bob. When I seen things like bickering over "double-breasted suites" and what not, I decided it didn't promote enough spiritual truth. There were some topics in it that were of use, but I believe the bitterness of it all overlapped that. For a similar reason I deleted all the "shorts" on the debate I had with Jake. (Internetdisciple) I decided to let the full debate speak for itself. I might make videos later, and include loops of such, but I will be on camera discussing it. I also deleted my "communion video" because I plan, Lord willing, to make another. To the displeasure of many, I'm sure, I will be deleting many more vids of Johnny and James, because there are some important doctrines, which they hold and teach, which I strongly disagree with. I haven't quite decided what and when yet, or exactly what I'll do with everything of theirs, but I will most assuredly delete all of James' videos for some doctrines that he has taught on TV as of late, that are contrary to the Gospel. I have much respect for James, as he is a kind, and intelligent man, but that cuts not stuff with me, for teaching false doctrine. - Andrew

WHOA!!! Someone from the "Church of Christ" not only publicly accusing Johnny Robertson and James Oldfield of "false doctrines" (something that Robertson and Oldfield do all the time to others) but is now also removing their videos because of that false doctrine?!?!?

If you live in this area, you will no doubt understand what this means. Because Robertson, Oldfield and their followers not only preach but demand "unity". They brag constantly about how their "Church of Christ" (again, I emphasize that this is not the mainstream Churches of Christ we're talking about) has no disagreements amongst itself.

And now Robertson is being referred to as having "bitterness" and "false doctrines"... from within his very own group.

Has a schism erupted within the "Church of Christ"? Could it be that some among them are getting fed up with the raw hatred and bitter root of Johnny Robertson, James Oldfield, Micah Robertson, and Mark McMinnis? Fed up enough that some within it are beginning to stand up to Johnny Robertson, just as many are now standing up to him in the general community?

I honestly don't know. But to date, this is certainly the most glaring and public crack in the cult's facade of apparent solidarity.

And I have no doubt that Johnny Robertson will fully address this issue at some point during the course of the many hours of live broadcast time that he has on WGSR each and every week.



Anonymous said...

Although I am very glad that Andrew of "wherethebiblespeaks" is seeing Johnny and James in what seems to be somewhat of a different light I still think removing the videos were wrong. Glad someone recorded them.

People who post videos on youtube or anywhere else which are basically asking for comments and opinions should not remove them nor the comments and opinions. This seems unfair unless of course they contain profanity or vulgarity which in this case should be removed.

I noticed the comments from the Direct TV and Star News video were removed. What has happened to that free speech certain people are always defending.

Anonymous said...

Chunks Roark defending Johnny on the Buzz right now. Telling a caller that Johnny doesn't like. Telling the caller she's wrong. Why didn't Chunks Roark ask Johnny about those girls doing ballet in the church video? Chunks Roark even said the church was filled with "perverts". Chunks Roark is so for Johnny it's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Not like, I meant lie.

Anonymous said...

Chris, Charles can't hide it anymore. He is Johnny's buttboy. Record Buzz show now if you can.

Anonymous said...

Johnny just admitted he said he was going to have a Baptist Apologist on his show concerning Bob Lawson. He said he had apologized for it.

Johnny's memory is very stong when it comes to others but so short when it comes to what he says. What he said about the Baptist apologist should have been in his computer. It was said at the same time he picked out Bob Lawson's lies.

I wonder if it has came to his memory the two times he prayed on his broadcast programs. He made the statement to Bob Lawson if he prayed openly he would be condemned. Now he has said he believed in the "Word"

There was a statement made some time ago on Star News "A thief is a thief" that makes me think of this situation.

One would think with all the videos on Bob Lawson telling lies a video should be made on Johnny's lies. As they say the camera don't lie.

Anonymous said...

Man, you folks just beat this thing to death don't you?


Perko Dan said...

AnounaMouse, when Johnny and his cult kills someone at last you will say that we didn't do enough to stop him.

Anonymous said...

Seeing the Mark and Micah show tonight. They are the most boring thing I've ever seen on tv. Micah's and Mark's speaking is so dull that the Pentagon should study it for psychological warfare.

V said...

I found the hypocrisy delightfully entertaining on Micah's show tonight.

Unless my ears failed me, he accused “God's Pit Crew”of not displaying the love of Christ by their actions.

I believe he needs to re-read the rest of Luke. ". . . condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;"

[BTW, where was Johnny?]

Anonymous said...

Charles Roark, Micah Robertson and Mark McMinnis have certainly used the word "Thud" a lot in describing people in the last two days.

Renee, a woman caller told Charles she had heard rumors Johnny's daughter is pregnant. Charles mumbled something Johnny had addressed something about on of his daughters that was not good.
Curious but I guess we will never know if it comes to Johnny Robertson and Charles Roark. Does Johnny have a married daughter?

Oh how one forgets when it comes to those in their groups.

Anonymous said...

Andrew seemed a little upset that I posted the letter on the Internet.

He said he was going to post a video of him explaining everything he was doing there at the page (wherever the page is I am not sure) since I saw fit to post what he said without it explained in detail what he was talking about.

He thought it would only me reading it. He said he stands by everything he said but people are not going to understand what he said.

He said he is going to make the video not for the Chris Knights out there, but for the reasonable men and women, who care about God and his truth.

He said to tell Chris Knight to go and learn what “wisdom is justified of its children” means. He says he watched Chris shoving a camera in Johnny’s face and in turn he hears Chris criticize Johnny for the same thing. (Same Thing?) He included a little name calling and added Chris doesn’t understand the Church of Christ.

I have told him I do not know Chris other than the Internet and hearing him on Star News and if he wanted to tell Chris anything he would need to do so himself.

He forgave me for posting his message without telling him. I told him I did not ask for nor need his forgiveness.