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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DEATH TROOPERS prequel coming October 2010!

Joe Schreiber has already turned in the manuscript for a prequel to his just-released Star Wars: Death Troopers novel. The book is now scheduled for an early October 2010 release. In an interview on StarWars.com Schreiber says that the next book will deal with (SPOILER highlight with mouse to read) the origin of the virus that got loose on that Star Destroyer and turned so many people into zombies.

Incidentally, here's my review from a few days ago of Star Wars: Death Troopers. This book has fast found an enthused audience: some are saying that it's one of the freshest Star Wars stories in quite a long while. And ever since I finished reading it, it's been in my mind that Lucasfilm is sitting on a huge opportunity here for a Star Wars "side franchise". I'm talking 'bout video games, action figures, more books... lots more stuff inspired by this newly-minted horror facet of the saga. Hey, maybe even a full-blown Star Wars horror TV movie on Syfy or Cartoon Network: that would sooo rock!


Anonymous said...

R-Rated please - not those crappy PG-13 "horror" they have been throwing at the tweeners for years in Hollywood - so tired of that. Do this up right, and the audience will grow.

Anonymous said...

The thing is if they do an R rated movie they will lose out on toy deals because Not everyone can go see it so it's either good movie or money. And we all know what they will choose.