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Friday, October 02, 2009

U.S. unemployment hits 9.8%

Last month employers across the country slashed more than a quarter-million jobs, sending the unemployment rate in America precariously close to ten percent.

So one-tenth of the domestic workforce is... out of work. Doesn't sound like any recovering economy to me. Heck, that sounds an awful lot like depression.


Walkinginlove said...

Ah but the good news is that local governments are raising taxes to fix things.

Oh wait that only makes things worse since it removes even more money from the recovery process!

But hey who am I to complain about short term management, after all it is the standard of management in both corporations and the multi-level governments we elect.

Otherwise the Social Security surplus would not have already been spent on programs, we would not be going deeper into debt year after year, and Social Security would be fixed along with medicare.

Hey I have an idea, how about Congress fix the things it already runs and prove to us it can do a good job with that then we can consider their ability to run health care!

I want to personally thank both parties for spending the future of my children because they lack the backbone to act responsibly with credit.

Walkinginlove said...

Interesting to note the lowest growth in job loss is in the Dakota's and if I an not mistaken they did not allow the sub-prime games to be played in those areas!

Also Virginia appears to be low, however since it is feeding off DC in the northern area, it hides the huge numbers in other areas of the state.

Below is a state by state list:


Here is July's by county for Virginia:


Notice that generally the more you travel from DC the worse things are, so remove DC and Virginia would be one of the hardest areas hit!