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Monday, October 05, 2009

Windows 7 to come in Steve Ballmer signed edition

Can you imagine the "Mac vs. PC" ads that Apple is gonna think up for this one? But it's true: Microsoft is releasing a "Steve Ballmer edition" of the Windows 7 operating system, emblazoned with the signature of Microsoft's CEO. There's a catch though: it's only for those who host Windows 7 house parties (uhhh... a house party for the launch of an OS?). Also inside the Windows 7 party kit are: "balloons... Windows 7 tote bags... Windows 7 branded napkins, a puzzle pack, the pieces come together to form a wallpaper image from Windows 7... a pack of Windows 7 playing cards, a color poster" and of course the black box containing Windows 7 itself.

Okay, sounds nifty. But it would have been even more awesome if Microsoft also sweetened the deal by throwing in a Steve Ballmer-signed office chair.