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Monday, November 02, 2009

Asimov estate authorizing trilogy of sequels to I, ROBOT

Isaac Asimov - perhaps the most prolific writer of the Twentieth Century and especially regarded for his contributions to science fiction - passed away in 1992. It's now being announced that Asimov's estate has given the official go-ahead for a trilogy of sequel novels to his acclaimed I, Robot series. The books will be written by Mickey Zucker Reichert, an author whose works have primarily been of the fantasy genre.

(With all due respect to Mrs. Reichert, I've no doubt that she is a fine writer but I also can't help but find this situation very ironic since apart from Tolkien and a few other writers that he respected, Asimov was famously known to have despised fantasy literature and on at least one occasion referred to it as "crap".)

Hmmm... I'm more "meh" about this news than I care to really dwell upon. If there's going to be any official pastiche of Asimov, I'd much more prefer that it be a fitting conclusion to the Foundation series, produced from any notes that Asimov might have left about whatever grand finale he was driving toward.

Not likely that will ever happen though. Maybe that's for the best...