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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Because there aren't enough movies based on board games getting made lately...

Sony Pictures has now bought up the rights to develop Parker Brothers' classic strategy game Risk into a feature film.

Read all about it here.

Unlike other properties like Monopoly (being adapted by Ridley Scott) and Candyland and Battleship, I can envision Risk being a kick-butt motion picture. It'll basically be World War III.

And every country on Earth fighting to control Australia, 'course...


Matt vanLieshout said...

honestly i don't understand why they have to make a movie about EVERYTHING these days. i guess hollywood thinks that everyone wants to see all their media "come to life", or they're just running out of ideas (hence all these reboots and remakes).
its actually kinda sad, and kind of an abuse to film itself. there are some things that can only be expressed visually, and then there are things that can only be best expressed in words, like books and novels. and sometimes it does work for both (look at "lord of the rings" and "jurassic park"). but it doesn't ALWAYS work.
now i can see why transformers and GIjoe worked well-- because there was a story/plot that revolved around theses toys. and they actually profitted from these through their tv shows, so a movie is an appropriate medium for these kinds of things.
but board games... really? now some may work because of very distinct characters (like candyland) so there's an easy plot to work out between them all. but risk? battleship? these games are based off stratedgy and not events. there aren't any actual characters. you'd just be making "pearl harbor" again or another war movie. it's just silly.

Unknown said...

Australia ? I always try to conquer china first ;-)