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Monday, November 23, 2009

Chad Austin makes THE NEW YORK TIMES!

A little over three years after my photo appeared in The New York Times, now it's life-long friend Chad Austin's turn! New York Times is running a story about the SAS Institute in Cary, where Chad works. The story is mostly about how the company is the biggest independent software company in the world and how its fast gaining attention in the corporate world, but there's also a lot about how SAS gives some awesome benefits to its employees. And among the photos in the slideshow accompanying the story there's this pic...

See those legs in the foreground wearing the blue-trimmed shoes? Those are Chad Austin's legs!

Sorry girls but as nice as Chad's calves are, he is a married man as of this past summer :-P


AfterShock said...

Way to go Chad's calves!! Showing off in a national publication like The New York Times!


Chris Knight said...

And just think: five years ago I was breaking those legs of his for Forcery. Who'da thunk one of these days we'd both be in the NY Times? :-P