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Friday, November 20, 2009

CLIMATE RESEARCH UNIT HACKED! 61 megabytes reveal massaged data on global warming?! Did scientists conspire on climate scare?!

Ho-lee HELL!! This could turn into one of the biggest stories of the decade... scratch that, decades!

Could it be that the whole "global warming" thing has been nothing but a colossal scam on damned near every man, woman, child and dumb animal on the planet?!

The Intertubes are smoking hot this afternoon from the news about University of East Anglia's Hadley Climatic Research Unit getting hacked and a heapin' big pile of material being leaked online. The 61 megabyte file can be downloaded here. But if you want the gist of it, Watts Up With That has a bigtime discussion going on, including excerpts from the hacked stuff.

And if this small sample is any indication, a bunch of scientists have a lotta 'splainin' to do. There are e-mail exchanges among researchers about hiding data reflecting temperature decline over the past three decades, and even adding on to temperatures. There is also some troubling discussion of political ramifications of the climate research which strongly suggests that it has been severely tainted with outside interests.

Just... wow.

And according to the story at Watts Up With That, the Climate Research Unit has canceled all e-mail passwords and is now admitting that the breach is real. The plot thickens.

This demands to be the hardest-hitting story of the next week if not the next several months. It also needs to be thoroughly investigated... and let the chips fall where they may.


Carl said...

November 20 2009. The day global warming died.

Bal said...

heck: http://vadlo.com/cartoons.php?id=71

jessicaash@aol.com said...

Ya know Chris, we have the National Climatic Data Center right here in Asheville...might be an eye opener to talk with some of the folks who work there and actually know what they're talking about. They're the world's largest archive of climate data, according to their website.

marc said...

"This demands to be the hardest-hitting story of the next week if not the next several months"

Its going to be buried and be forgotten within a couple of weeks. The liberal media will see to that by simply giving very little coverage to this story if any at all.

Unknown said...

Marc, it is the brave souls like the Robin Hood style hackers who expose all this bullshit about global warming, and because of them there is always hope! In my experience it is rather a chaos than warming. See an old movie Koyaanisquatsi(is the spelling OK?) about the messy times we are living in, no wonder that it is also reflected in the weather...Let us keep this story burning and alight, e.g. by sending it to friends and hanging it out on Facebook...