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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just watched the first two hours of AMC's remake of THE PRISONER


Well, it's unarguably not The Prisoner of Patrick McGoohan's day. And I knew that it wasn't going to be that either.

But, I think that I wound up liking it quite a bit.

Need to watch it again before tomorrow night's two-hour installment. Maybe even two or three more times.

Now you gotta admit: that is what good The Prisoner should compel you to do :-)


Todd W in NC said...

You might be in the minority of those that like it or find it interesting to see more than once. Someone at Ain't It Cool News compiled over a dozen reviews of the remake from newspapers & webmasters, and only one was slightly positive.

I'm a little over 1.5 hours in to the first two hours, and so far, it's very slow, very cryptic, maybe not as bad as those reviewers were saying, but not very interesting either. Unless something really cool happens in the next 25 minutes, I doubt I could sit though it again.

Of course, even the original Prisoner was cryptic. Some of those episodes, especially the finale, lacked coherence too.

Chris Knight said...

It's VERY metaphoric.

Metaphor for *what*, I haven't a real clear idea yet.

But I am kinda digging it. Watching the repeat now.