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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Nancy Pelosi attempting to bring back debtors prisons!

Well, when the Speaker of the House is pushing "health care reform" that obligates people to purchase $15,000 of medical insurance or GO TO JAIL FOR FIVE YEARS, what the hell else are we supposed to call it?

Click here to read the report from Representative Dave Camp of the House Ways and Means Committee.

The House vote on this... thing... may come as early as today.

If this succeeds where everything else has not in honking off the citizenry into outraged action, I've got plenty of rope. And I can get a good deal on feathers too.


Anonymous said...

Taxpayer march on capitol in Raleigh...beginning 11:00 AM November 14

Anonymous said...

I suppose these folks don't care that they are committing political suicide, and quite possibly committing America to a very unpleasant next few years. They appear to be doing this just because they can (or think they can).

PapaBear007 said...

I agree with you that is just so darn stupid...and People will riot over this when they have to go to jail this going to the be the straw that breaks the camels back.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's do away with Social Security, Medicare, seat belt laws, and mandatory auto liability also. It's every man for himself. I hate living in this repressive country. We could end up just like those socialist dictatorships Canada, UK, and Australia. To the streets teabaggers !!!


Anonymous said...

hyperbole much, AnounaMouse?

Anonymous said...

Instead lets place laws that move all the good jobs overseas, allow illegals in the country and use them as workers and pay them under the table and further repress wages and then spend the dollar into worthlessness so the high gas prices are even going higher because of the dollar being devalued and after that lets mandate huge expenses on those families who are all already dieing financially and finish the middle class off once and for all.

Social Security is going to die because the biggest ponzy scheme is about to go bankrupt in 20 years.

Medicare funding is being reduced every year so eventually doctors will stop taking patience who carry the stuff because the reimbursements will not cover the insurance costs much less operating costs. And seat belt laws keep us from improving the gene pool!

Brian (Nunchux) said...

And, bu the way, said bill has passed in the House. FYI.