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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Off-year post-election ponderance

Reflecting on something that I wrote the other day, in light of yesterday's elections in a number of places...

I can understand being happy that an individual candidate has won election.

I cannot understand being happy about a political party winning several elections.

Maybe it's just my cynical nature about such matters. Or that I've seen "control" flip back and forth between the Democrats and Republicans for many years now and there being no discernible difference between their respective collective performances.

What to call that? Enlightened? Disaffected? World-weary? Or just plain sick and tired of what must be called either mass ignorance or mass apathy?

If it weren't for knowing too much about history, I would probably be proud to be an apathetic voter. As it is, I'm bound to no party. Loyal to none but God and my own conscience. Granted, that doesn't tend to shift the polls appreciably much in an election...

...but as Martin Luther said at Worms: "Here I stand, I can do no other."