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Thursday, November 12, 2009

School in North Carolina caught selling grades for cash

Rosewood Middle School in Goldsboro, North Carolina is in a money crunch like many schools across the country. So like most of those schools it held a fundraiser last year, selling chocolate candy bars.

But that didn't raise anything. So with the principal's blessing, Rosewood Middle embarked on a new scheme...

The school began selling grades.

For $20, a student would be able to add 20 points to a test grade: 10 points on two tests of the pupil's choosing. Enough to raise a B to an A or possibly make a failing grade a marginally passing D.

Read all about it on the website of the News & Observer, which caught wind of the plot and ratted the school out. School administrators are now stopping the "fundraiser" and refunding any and all donations that might have been made (Rosewood Middle's principal Susie Shepherd said that the plan had elicited no money yet anyway).

Just... wow. I guess if this had gone forward that a kid with rich parents could buy himself into the Beta Club even if his grades otherwise sucked.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's terrble. There's nothing more frustrating than being in high school and having bits and pieces dumbed down because a portion of your class just got mindlessly passed through to the next grade in the hopes of being THAT teacher's problem now.

But on the otherhand... it wouldn't be too bad if each kid was only allowed to do this ONCE for the entire year. Everyone has a bad day, and it'd be nice if that one bad test could suddenly become a mediocre test.

But sadly, I could see this becoming far too abused and mainstream. The cons far outweigh any potential, controlled pros that could ever emerge.


Anonymous said...

LOL Limbaugh used this story for a sound bite today!