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Thursday, December 17, 2009

12 inches of snow tomorrow? White Christmas too?!

That's what the meteorologisticians are predicting. Cold air plus a system pumping a lot of moisture up from the Gulf of Mexico. That usually means beaucoups of snow in this part of the country.

And we stand a good chance of snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as well.

The bad news is that it puts a crimp in plans to see Avatar tomorrow. But if worse comes to worst I suppose I can always download it :-P


Anonymous said...

I saw Avatar in 3d on Tuesday. This was the most breathtaking cinematographic experience I had in my entire life. I was so depressed after it. To be back from Pandora... (I was literally there). I hope you'll experience the same thing and that snow won't change your plans!

Matt said...

Chris, if you dare to allow barely an inch of snow stop you from seeing the best blockbuster movie of the year, I will never forgive you.

Even if you do like Twilight.

Chris Knight said...

I take it you saw it at midnight, aye Matt? :-)

Well, I promised a friend that I'd see it this afternoon with him after he got off work, and now those plans are kaput for now. I'd love to see Avatar today, but I'm also a man of my word (or try to be anyway).

I've a gut feeling I'll get to see it before the weekend is out :-)