Saturday, December 19, 2009

Congrats to my cousin Lauryn for graduating college!

My cousin Lauryn got her college sheepskin today! Always cause for celebration when one of our clan gets a higher education :-)

(That, and because the last time I posted her photo and said that all the women in my family are this beautiful, I literally got over a dozen e-mails asking if Lauryn was taken and if not "where does she live please!?" So I'm curious as to what will happen when I post her photo again and say that she's not currently! But I'm also screening inquiries with common sense and if that fails, a sawed-off shotgun.)

Seriously though: congratulations Lauryn :-)


Anonymous said...

I agree!Ain't she beautiful?
Keep that shot-gun handy just incase ;)

We LOVE our family and SO VERY PROUD of WHO THEY ARE Inside and Out!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS CHRIS and all the NC relatives. We love you <3

bmovies said...

I dont have any money. Does she have enough money to keep me in the rich lifestyle to which I wish to be accustomed with?