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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

National Novel Writing Month 2009 is now over...

...so, did I finish mine?

Unfortunately, I have to report that I did not.

It was back in late July that I first mentioned that I was taking part in this year's National Novel Writing Month. About how each participant had to churn out a 175-page novel between November 1st and the night of November 30th. When all was said and done I missed the mark by about 60 pages: not enough to qualify as having been successful.

But that's okay. In spite of a month of unforeseen circumstance I produced a lot of material for my novel. And it will be finished soon.

And then, Lord willing, I will be able to share the tale of W------ F--- with y'all :-)


Harvey said...

Hey, you didn't really fail. What other month are you going to write 100+pages of a novel?

AfterShock said...

Sorry to hear you didn't finish, but I can't wait to read the tale of W------ F---!