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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Swiss scientist on trial for causing earthquakes

Markus Haering appeared in court in Basel, Switzerland today. The charge leveled against him: that his company's activities caused earthquakes, one of which measured 3.4 Richter magnitude. Haering's firm is researching geothermal-generated electricity. Well, according to court documents his company's deep-drilling in 2006 triggered the quakes. There were no injuries but $9 million in damages were reported. If the judge finds him guilty of intentionally damaging property, Haering faces five years jail for making the earthquakes happen...

...which is gonna be a heckuva retort when he gets asked "So what are you in for buddy?"

(Seriously though, sounds like it's gonna be an easy charge to beat. Lex Luthor might have been put behind bars for doing something like this but not Markus Haering. Dude doesn't even have a nuclear weapon, fer pete's sake...)


AfterShock said...

This sounds like a SyFy movie of the week....oh wait it was! It even starred Michael Ironside...hehe :)

Anonymous said...

That news sounds like some sort of Onion article. Strange if it is really true. Too strange.

BTW. Chris Knight. I sent an email to you on the 14th. It was an anonymous emailer so it likely went to your spam folder. You might wanna take a look at it.