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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Transportation Security Administration's secret screening manual is secret no longer

Transportation Security Administration is a colossal farce of an agency. It's bureaucracy so bad it makes bad bureaucracy seem good in comparison. The TSA is a grand example of what I and many others prefer to call "security theatre": something that the government does to make it look like it's actively trying to stop "the terrists" from blowing up planes and such... but in reality is just trickery intended to fool the rubes.

Well, the TSA has somehow goofed and posted its "top secret" manual for screening airline passengers online. And the TSA apparently believed that covering sensitive up with black rectangles in an Adobe Acrobat file would be enough to hide confidential information... without realizing how easy it is to just remove the layers with the rectangles!

Want to read it for yourself? Here's the zipped-up archive containing the TSA screening manual!

Between this and the leaked e-mails from University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit, it is a great time to be a believer in limited government :-)


Lee Shelton said...

This is exactly why some in government want to crack down on the Internet, taxing it, etc.