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Friday, January 01, 2010

Less than an hour left to smoke in restaurants in North Carolina

Our "enlightened" Governor Bev Perdue and state legislators in Raleigh have decreed that as of midnight tonight, smoking will be banned in all restaurants and other places of dining in North Carolina.

This new "law" sucks donkeys balls to no end.

(Longtime readers will recognize that as my personal "worst possible epithet" for something.)

I'm not a smoker. It's one of the nastiest, filthiest things that a person can do to himself or herself. And believe you me, I've seen firsthand the damage that cigarette smoking can do to someone.

Hell, I've worked on computers before that were owned by smokers. More than a few had corrosion on the motherboard and other components, from where the tar and nicotine had eaten away at the material. If stuff like circuit boards can have holes melted through them by cigarette smoking, think about what that same crap will do to a person.

But as much as I'm against smoking, I'm even more against government trying to micromanage our lives more and more.

The owners of bars and restaurants in this state should be free to choose for themselves whether their establishments are smoke-free or not. It's very simple: if a restaurant allows smoking, and you don't like smoking, then you can decide for yourself whether you want to eat there.

If I owned a restaurant, I'd bloody well defy this law. Hell, I'd put a sign outside my place of business proclaiming that "SMOKING ALLOWED HERE!" And then just sit back and watch the money roll in. It would be capitalism in fine form.

We all know what this really is. Perdue and her ilk are only doing this because they are too intoxicated with the thrill of the power. Like too damned many other politicians in this country. They don't give a flying rat's butt about serving their constituents, but they'll do everything they can get away with to lord their supposed "authority" over us.

They neglect to remember that their authority comes from we the people, not from government for its own sake.

I hope that enough of the citizenry will remember that when Perdue and her cronies come up for re-election.