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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Most disturbing SESAME STREET clip I've posted yet

The innuendo in this song is so horribly bad. I have to feel sorry for whoever it was that wrote it. What was Sesame Workshop thinking??

Here is Baby Elmo's dad serenading his son about "Potty Time"...

"So here is your new potty!
When you have to pee or poo
It's where you sit to do whatcha gotta do-do!"
You've got to wonder: How does Elmo - or any Muppet for that matter - use the potty when someone's hand is shoved hard up their intestinal tract?


eric wilson said...

As funny as the clip was, the last sentence of your post was, perhaps, one of your best one-liners ever.

bmovies said...

Sesame Street has jumped the shark with this.