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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pat Robertson says Haiti suffered earthquake because its people "swore a pact with the devil"

Oh crap. That demented fool is again engaging his mouth before using his mind (or what little is left of it anyway). This time Pat Robertson of The 700 Club is blaming Haiti's earthquake on how that country's citizens "swore a pact with the devil" to get free from the French.

I've said this from darn nearly the very beginning of this blog, and I'll say it again: Pat Robertson is, according to the strictest biblical definition, a false prophet. And if Pat Robertson seriously wants America and any other country to "turn to God" in the way that he espouses, then Robertson must be stoned to death. Literally.

That said, I am once again aghast at how a fellow "Christian" will use the name of God to exploit - in however minor a fashion - such a horrific tragedy.


Carl said...

God spared the French Quarter of New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina. Explain that Pat!

Si said...

Pat Robertson, Earthquakes are not caused by superintendent beings! Look it up on wikipedia if you need clarification you imbecile!

Anonymous said...

It's just more proof for what I've said before . . . . senility is overtaking Pat Robertson. For whatever reason, no one has the guts to stand up and tell him he's incompetent to comment on spiritual matters. IMO that's as un-Christian as ridiculing him about his un-tempered comments.

If I were Gordon Robertson (Pat's son, and the one really in charge of CBN these days), I would have him psychologically evaluated. If the evaluation indicated the senility I think it would, Gordon should search for a secluded retirement home for him, and let people remember him for the good he has done with CBN rather than the badly thought-out rantings of an old, senile man.

You know that's what Richard Roberts did after what Papa Oral said and did. Oral Roberts died quietly, peacefully and in secure isolation from the world. Pat Robertson should have a comparable end.

Ol' You-Know-Who

Matt said...

What is even more interesting is the fact not only is there no record of this pact, but that Haiti is a largely Christian nation, with the vast majority of it being Roman Catholic, with the rest being estimated to be Protestant.

I love nuts. <.<

Anonymous said...

I think Ol' You-Know-Who may be on to something.

Gordon knows a cash cow when he sees one. That's why he lets the old geezer go on about the Lord and Haitian pacts with the devil. Ol' Gordy knows that Paw-paw Pat can get more moolah for the tv show...or for their pockets...when he comes up with these hilarious Doomsday observations.

I'm jut waiting for him to say he saw a big 800 foot tall Jesus and out door that other nitwit Oral Roberts.

shane said...

what the hell are Americans thinking? Cubans who come to America are able to stay, but Haitians usually get sent home. I'm studying that this is the beginning of the univers' troubles. Unless, we turn back to God and stop allowing our Godly symbols to be stripped from public places, we simply opening up the door for disaster. Because those symbols are our protection.

Anonymous said...

Shane: "Unless, we turn back to God and stop allowing our Godly symbols to be stripped from public places, we simply opening up the door for disaster. Because those symbols are our protection."

Dude, are you for real? That's what the ancient Egyptians used to think too. Yeah, that's it, let's start putting up more symbols, maybe more statues of eagle's heads on human bodies and golden calves. That will protect us, yeah it will.

Unknown said...

A response by a friend of mine deeply involved in Haiti missions. http://www.charismamag.com/index.php/news/25955-pat-robertson-under-fire-for-haiti-remarks