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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Want to see the first four minutes of LOST Season 6?

No, really... do you?

Mash here for the first four minutes of "LA X", the premiere episode of Lost's sixth and final season. I'm not embedding it though 'cuz even the still from the YouTube video might be considered a major spoiler. But as with every other season, it starts off with a healthy dose of "What the...?!"

Lost returns this coming Tuesday night on ABC.


Lee Shelton said...

OK, I'm getting ready to click the link. But so help me, Chris, if it turns out to be a Rick-Roll...

Lee Shelton said...

Cool intro!

Lee Shelton said...

Makes you wonder if they'll jump back and forth between parallel realities. We've had the flashback and the flashforward. The only thing missing is the flashsideways.

Todd W in NC said...

I wonder the same thing. Even if Jack & company have successfully reset one timeline, I feel it's too early to abandon the timeline in which Ben, Sun, Lapidus, Richard Alpert, Ilana, Bram, and "Locke" are at the statue in 2007 and learning that Locke somehow appears to be in two places at once.

I also wonder if Jack and/or others will retain their memories of the other timeline. In the clip, Rose doesn't seem to notice, but the look on Jack's face implies he might remember he on-island timeline.

Can't wait to find stuff out! :)