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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

AVATAR tops TITANIC as new king of the world

Honestly never thought I'd see this happen: James Cameron's Avatar has officially dethroned his own 1997 Titanic for the domestic box-office record.

It'll probably last only as long as it takes Cameron and crew to make Avatar 2, which'll make even gads more money :-P


Todd W in NC said...

The number for Avatar is a bit misleading. Regular tickets cost more than usual, and much of Avatar's gross comes from 3-D tickets which are around $3 to $5 dollars more each.

If going by ticket sales, regardless of price per ticket, the original Star Wars trilogy, several classic films, several old Disney films, and even SW1: The Phantom Menace all sold more tickets. According to Wikipedia, Avatar is #21.

I also wonder how many of those ticket sales come from people like me who weren't so blown away by it but saw it twice anyway -- once in 2-D because 3-D was sold out, then again in 3-D when they heard all the hype. If I had seen it in 3-D the first time around, once would have been enough.