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Thursday, February 04, 2010

A brief meditation on atheism

There is nothing damning about happening to be an atheist, but there are plenty of things wrong with insisting upon it.


Matt said...

Being a realist often requires the need for bluntness, and being pleasant is not one of their goals.

Anonymous said...

Any reason why you thought this Chris?

Chris Knight said...

"Any reason why you thought this Chris?"

Too many Christians can't or won't accept that very often, atheism is a stage in a greater spiritual journey that very much does arrive at a belief in God.

So atheism in and of itself, isn't really a sinful thing.

It's when a person demands that there is no God... that's when it goes from atheism to "big A" Atheism. A regular atheist is one who may not believe in God, but is probably searching at some level (different from agnosticism, by the way). But an Atheist is one for whom the denial of God is very like religious zeal. And also quite a foolish person, in my estimation.

And I don't have any evidence for it other than Matthew 7:7, but I no longer believe that God would condemn a seeking atheist to Hell. I do however believe that He would have no choice but to cast the one who adamantly refuses to believe from His sight... because in the cosmic scheme of things, that's only fair justice.

Trust me: I have been at that phase of the spiritual walk in my life. I know all too well of what I speak.

But those of us who do follow Christ make a grave mistake when we relegate everyone describing themselves as atheists into one lump sum.

In the end, as all such things, it is up to God and not to us. In His justice will I trust, as much as I know that He extends His mercy to all who accept it. But I'm not gonna be the one who will stand in the way of one struggling with belief from finding that grace.

Anonymous said...

I never said, there is no god. Because, I don't know that. Religion is man worshiping himself.
Just be big enough to say, I don't know and neither do you.

Chris Knight said...

"Religion is man worshiping himself."

That's an awfully large and all-encompassing indictment, friend.

All I know to say in response is this: that man worshiping himself is one of the very worst things in the world.

"Just be big enough to say, I don't know and neither do you."

It's not about "being big enough". Quite the opposite.

I must decrease so that He might increase.

Anonymous said...

"All I know to say in response is this: that man worshiping himself is one of the very worst things in the world."

Religion is totally worshiping yourself. It's like everything is the way it is...FOR ME! The whole universes purpose is so I can follow a desert gods book and get to the pearl gates. I don't care about the planet...hell, it's a bic lighter, lets use it up! Also, no population control... lets fill the whole planet with as many people as possible so they might become xtians.

What was the earths population in 1940 and what is it now?!?

You can not convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it is based on a deep-seated need to believe.

Anonymous said...

"Religion is totally worshiping yourself."

Now THAT is a fascinating concept. Not sure which religion "anonymous" is talking about.... Not that it matters.

All that I came here to say was: I love the simple, profound statement in this post. It sounds like something CS Lewis might have said.