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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Christopher Nolan to guide rebooting of Superman and is already working on the third Batman movie!

The cinematic future of DC Comics' two most classic heroes is in good hands.

Christopher Nolan is set to "godfather" the relaunch of the Superman film franchise. This will not be a sequel to Superman Returns, but will begin its own new continuity. Nolan won't be directing or writing, just kinda shepherding and mentoring the process along into the kind of movie series that Superman needs to become.

(I'm probably one of the few who'll admit to honestly liking Superman Returns a whole lot. It wasn't perfect, but I thought it hit on some of the right tones for a Superman flick. But hey, I also liked Ang Lee's Hulk and still loved 2008's non-sequel The Incredible Hulk :-)

But that's not all folks! According to the same report at GeekTyrant, David Goyer and Jonah Nolan are already at work on the third installment of their Batman series.

Gotta wonder how that'll turn out. The Dark Knight was darn nearly the most perfect comic book movie in the history of anything. But I've faith in the Nolans and Goyer. I'm thinking that where Batman Begins ended with "escalation" and The Dark Knight built on that, the next logical step would be how Gotham City goes from being run by organized crime, to now a place where the mob has been toppled and the time of the "freaks" like Joker, Scarecrow etc. will finally be at hand. At which point the people will have no choice but to turn to Batman and embrace his role as protector of Gotham.

The best thing about that scenario is that it opens up Nolan's Batman continuity indefinitely! We could see a movie or two for everyone in the Batman rogue's gallery. And regardless of what Chris Nolan has said, I'm confident that the Penguin could be set loose in his Batman 'verse and still be convincing. That's what I most wanna see anyway :-P


Eric (W.) said...

Yeah, I think the Riddler would probably be the easiest villian to portray in Nolan's Batman universe. My money's on that. I'd love to Bane. That could be written as sorta Captain America-solder serum-ish and still be pulled off.

Unknown said...

I agree the Riddler would be cool. Could you imagine David Tennant as the Riddler?

The Happy Catholic said...

I would like to see the Riddler in the next film played by Ben Stein

Think about it, he could say corny lines from past films like "We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking" or maybe "Batman? Batman? Batman"