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Friday, February 12, 2010

The most popular article on The Knight Shift lately...

...has been my report on visiting a Seventh Day Adventist church and what I learned about my fellow followers of Christ known as Adventists. There's not a day that goes by now that a nice e-mail doesn't comes in about that write-up (including from places as far away as Singapore and Russia).

I don't usually do this but in light of the huge amount of traffic that's come in during the past few weeks and months about it: I'm very much in awe at how well this seems to have resonated with so many people, and if perhaps God has used it in His own wide and mysterious ways then I am thankful to have played some small part in that.

Anyway, if you haven't read it yet, feel free to check it out!


Anonymous said...

Just finished reading your article on your visit to the SDA church and was checking out some of your other articles. I am SDA and really appreciated your fair and honest perspective. You will find a lot of variety in our churches, but one common thread unites all of them: people seeking to know God, and love for others. I think it is great that our brothers and sisters from all across the globe have reached out to you. Keep up the great work. Well, I am off to teach Sabbath School. :)

RTS (Azure Hills SDA Church in Southern California)

Clay Feet said...

I saw your article linked on FB and sent it on to some of my friends. I found it refreshing in a time when so much negative talk is so popular. I pray that God will continue to guide you and draw you to Himself as you pursue that intimate knowledge of Him that He longs for you to know.