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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Think I figured out a big LOST mystery

Yah, maybe. Like a few days ago when I posted the "Dark Entity is trying to escape God's judgment" notion.

Here it is this time: "Adam and Eve" are going to turn out to be Sawyer and Juliet.

Go back and watch this past week's episode "What Kate Does" again. Trust me it is not a "filler" episode like too many are saying it is. After going through it for a third time I can't help but think that there are some huge chunks of Lost mythos - that we have been hungering for - that were laid bare at last.

Here's a hint to help you along: you also need to go back to "Not In Portland", which was the first Juliet-centric episode. 'Cuz the two episodes kinda, sorta go hand in hand.

If y'all are seeing the same thing that I am, feel free to post a comment :-)


Jennifer Jay said...

Chris, tell me what you are thinking?

Chris Knight said...

Go back and watch all of the scenes with Sawyer in "What Kate Does", especially after he gets back to the ruins of DHARMA-ville.

Now, what was the name of the front company that the Others used to approach Juliet in "Not In Portland"?

That name is an anagram for something very interesting. And at the time producers Cuse and Lindelof said that "Not In Portland" had a rather hidden clue about Adam and Eve.

That's all I'm saying ;-)