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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Consolation for the UNC Chapel Hill fans

For what it's worth, I had this thought today:

The Tarheels now finally have the opportunity to achieve something they've never earned before...

A National Invitational Tournament championship banner hanging from the rafters of the Dean Dome! :-P


eric wilson said...

We beat Duke, 73-69 in 1971 to get to the finals, then beat Georgia Tech, 84-66 to win the NIT Championship.

It's important to note that during that period, ONLY the conference champions advanced to the NCAA tourney, making the NIT much more prestigious (stronger fields).

I don't know if the banner is hanging in the rafters, might've run out of room (I would assume it is though).

Thanks for rubbing it in Chris! :-)

Chris Knight said...

Well, I stand corrected, and have learned some sports history tonight...

...and *still* get to rub it in :-P

Doug Smith said...

Yes but consider this, UNC has won 2 national championships in the last 5 years. How many have other local(ACC) teams won in the last 10? Duke has 1 in 2001. Maryland has 1 in 2002. So not only does UNC have more in recent years, they have more in the last decade than the other local teams and they were the 1 of only 2 teams in that decade to win more than 1 title. The other being Florida in 2006 and 2007 with the exact same squads both years. UNC did it with 2 entirely different teams.

Given these records, I will very happily take 1 or if necessary 2 rebuilding years with the knowledge that this team will be more experienced and have arguably the best recruiting class in the nation coming in next season.