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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Bet some (or maybe most) of y'all thought that I got "disappeared" into the hinterlands after that last post, aye?

Just busy on this end with work for clients, work on my new film project (especially location scouting), some conflict in realms apart from the temporal... y'know, the usual.

All that, and still feeling quite honked-off at the developments of this past week. Grrrrrr.


Matt said...

The only time you'll ever stop blogging Chris is when you are on your deathbed. Even then I am not entirely certain that will be enough to stop you.

God help us all.

Chris Knight said...

Matt you are WAY more right than you probably want to know :-P

So far I have composed six (there might be more to come) blog entries. They are already saved in the system. And in true Hari Seldon-ish fashion, they will only be published at certain intervals following my departure from this life. The task of publishing them has been left to certain trusted associates, along with the requisite protocols.

So it's very true: I will be blogging from the great beyond! :-)