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Monday, March 08, 2010

HTML 5 is coming... and what's arriving with it

Not since I first began finagling with web pages in 1995 have I been so intrigued in a markup specification like the forthcoming HTML 5. Among other things it aims to get rid of embedded Flash video and similar presentations with a simple video tag.

(Meh. Don't particularly care for that one just yet. I don't really see what the problem is with Flash, other than it won't work on iPhone and other mobile devices but that's an issue of Flash's interactivity colliding with touch-screens.)

Anyhoo, Neil McAllister has an in-depth essay about HTML 5 and what we can expect from it at the InfoWorld site. Well worth reading even if you're just a casual tinkerer with HTML.


Anonymous said...

When my PC was still working, the problem I had with Flash is that so many websites use it, and use it ALOT. There's so much of it on some sites I go to like IGN, or GameTrailers that it A) Takes forever to load on my PC, and B) If I'm trying to watch a video I have to reduce the quality of the rest of the Flash stuff, and resize the window on my browser just so the video I'm trying to watch will have a smooth framerate.

-Drew M.