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Saturday, March 06, 2010

It's Steven Glaspie and three bestselling Star Wars authors!

This morning good friend and fellow Eagle Scout Steven Glaspie (who needs to update his blog sometime: something about being too busy with his sweet lass of a girlfriend lately...) and I went to StellarCon 34 in High Point. 'Twas Steven's very first sci-fi convention. Well, he didn't know as much going in but I'd already heard that three of his favorite Star Wars writers were going to be there. I've met with Timothy Zahn, Michael Stackpole and Aaron Allston quite a few times over the years (including an interview I got to with Zahn for TheForce.net years ago) and had some photos with each of them already. But for Steven, it was an entirely new experience! So I got a pic of all of them together...

(left to right: Michael Stackpole, Steven Glaspie, Timothy Zahn, Aaron Allston)

Allston, Stackpole and Zahn did a panel discussion for an hour and a half this morning that we got to attend, and Steven and I both came away very thankful and appreciative of what these three writers shared with everyone.

Okay Steven, feel free to put that pic on your blog. Or do something to update it, bro! :-P


Matt said...

I still don't get why you would pay $20 for a convention and still for just a few hours. :/

jessicaash@aol.com said...

Used to go to Stellarcon years ago, back when it was on the UNCG campus. Got to meet Theodore Sturgeon and his wife, and David Gerrold there. Nice to see it's still going on.

Chris Knight said...

"I still don't get why you would pay $20 for a convention and still for just a few hours. :/"

We had too much mischief planned for the day. But not TOO much as Steven's girlfriend gave me explicit orders to keep him out of trouble :-P