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Sunday, March 21, 2010

"So this is how liberty dies..."

"With thunderous applause."


Anonymous said...

The thief always comes as an angel of light, but brings death!

Anonymous said...

Oh don't be so dramatic. You can either acquire some health insurance, which you should have anyway, or pay $650 so you won't be to subject to evil socialist health-care ... and you have until 2014 to make up your mind. That's less than average car insurance which has been mandatory in NC for about 20 years. Hardly the end of liberty. I guess liberty is been dead for quite a while in Canada, Australia, UK, France, Sweden, etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

The Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Radio already has a semi-parody of this statement. Brilliantly done, it is of Emperor Palpatine announcing the formation of the first galactic empire, which then morphs into a crowd of mindless obamazombies shouting "yes we can" followed by the very heartfelt phrase...So this is how liberty dies.

Brilliantly done and it is how he opens his show every day.

Only an Article 5 Constitutional Convention can stop these power hungry zealots. It is time to return the power to the states as our founding fathers intended. If someone wants the government to take care of them, then they can move to a (failing) state like California and suck off the Govt Teat there. Otherwise, I dont want my money being spent to support any one else's lazy waste of oxygen.


Danny de Gracia II said...

I would say, however, the "good news" is that this has shocked many people off the sidelines and blown many people off the fence - and by this I am not at all referring to elected officials but rather average Americans who have for so long just gone along with the flow.

We know from history that all throughout the course of human events, there have always been leaders who made arrogant decrees and attempted to build empires based on slavery, but as John F. Kennedy reminded us, "Those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger later ended up inside."

So right now what we need to do is since we know that our elected officials won't listen to us, we need to do what men and women have done throughout time when there was no other avenue of relief: turn to God in prayer and believe for Him to:

1. Cause the people to awaken fully and to understand the height from which we have fallen;
2. Put a spirit of moral courage and uncompromising desire for righteousness in the hearts of men and women all across this country;
3. Grant favor to people who are willing to stand in the gap and fight back!

Remember, Nebuchadnezzar ordered all the wise men of Babylon to be executed, but Daniel stopped it by praying.

Nebuchadnezzar built a giant gold statue and ordered everyone to bow before it, and anyone who refused was to be burned alive. But Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah stood their ground and said NO. The king threw them into the fire but they were not burned and all of Babylon was shamed.

King Ahasuerus' advisor, Haman, wanted all the Jews across the world annihilated, but Esther short circuited the plan by praying to God and asking others to fast and pray that she might have favor with the king.

An entire cabal attempted to stop Nehemiah from rebuilding the walls around Jerusalem, employing false prophets, thugs, false reports sent to the king and all kinds of outrageous intimidation strategies but Nehemiah prayed and God granted him favor and success.

The Jews attempted to rebuild the temple under the reign of Darius but the local politicians opposed them fiercely and for a time managed to get an injunction against them to stop. But Ezra and the prophets prayed, and God changed the heart of Darius to order those who had opposed the project, "stay away and do not interfere with them!" (see Ezra 6:6).

Ahithophel, who was the wisest political advisor of Israel, had the perfect plan to overthrow King David and install Absalom, but David had prayed for God to turn Ahithophel's counsel to foolishness (see 2 Samuel 15:31).

The list goes on and on. So what is impossible with man is VERY possible with God! I encourage people to pray, pray, pray, pray and pray because what you are unable to do by the flesh God WILL do by His mighty Spirit.