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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ten unbelievably awesome low-pass flybys

This clip begins with that scene from Top Gun where Tom Cruise buzzes the control tower. And it then proceeds to assault your senses (and possibly good sense) with ten low-altitude flybys that Hollywood probably wouldn't dare do without 'spensive computer graphics. But these are real. And #3 on this list had me literally grabbing at my own head, it's so scary! That dude on the ground has some brass ones...

Okay, #3 is maybe all the more amazing for me 'cuz the pilot is flying upside-down. And I once saw a plane crash at an air show. It was in 1996 here in Rockingham County, and the dude in the cockpit was doing a low-altitude maneuver upside-down over the runway. It happened right in front of where we were sitting and it looked horrific. But he got out with just a few scratches and I heard that the plane was even flyable again not long afterward. But when we're looking at a multi-million dollar piece of military hardware doing the same thing... yah, gotta admire the cajones there!


Unknown said...

Last year at Winston-Salem a guy did three passes in a B-1 Lancer. His third pass was at over 0.7 Mach. He climbed out through 10,000 ft and, literally, punched a hole in the cloud.

I saw a guy do several passes in an SR-71 back at Wright-Patterson. But I have to say, the B-1 was even more impressive.